Story Boards

This is a personal piece I boarded and adapted into a script from a 
short story assigned by Karl Gnass called "Deer Dogs"

Here are some sequences from my time at One+K
They are both from a (rejected) DVD extra from Kung Fu Panda III


 Here are some boards for a paper folding DVD extra on Kung Fu Panda III
The Origami line-up served as early visual development. We tried varies styles of paper folding, with the last sequence being closest to the final design. You can watch the short here:


This was for a series trailer during my time at One+K
I also did the character and color design which you can see HERE

Some Freelance work on a Sci-Fi pilot 

Digital Boards

Digital Grayscale Boards from "TDay"

Digital Boards from "Sellout"

Random Boards from "Fated Nights"

Pencil Boards from "Clips"

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