Story Boards

 Here is a commercial I boarded for COCO over at Disney Digital. 
You can see the final HERE

 This is a personal piece I boarded and adapted into a script from a 
short story assigned by Karl Gnass called "Deer Dogs"

Here are some commercials I boarded at Disney Digital for the Bendon Books magic ink coloring line. The top sequence features Tangled and the bottom two are from Moana. You can view the finals on Disney Family HERE and HERE 

Here are some sequences from my time at One+K
They are both from a (rejected) DVD extra from Kung Fu Panda III


 Here are some boards for a paper folding DVD extra on Kung Fu Panda III
The Origami line-up served as early visual development. We tried varies styles of paper folding, with the last sequence being closest to the final design. You can watch the short here:

Here are some boards I did for Disney Digital for the Finding Dory summer product line. The finals were done using a mix of live action, 2d, and stop motion animation. You can view them HERE and HERE.

Here are some concept boards for Facebook Watch. You can view the trailer HERE.


This was for a series trailer during my time at One+K
I also did the character and color design which you can see HERE

Some Freelance work on a Sci-Fi pilot 

Digital Boards

Digital Grayscale Boards from "TDay"

Pencil Boards from "Clips"

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